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We Put Patients at the Heart of Our Medical Laundry Service Innovations!

Posted by ImageFIRST Healthcare Laundry Specialists on Feb 24, 2016 9:50:24 AM

Throughout the healthcare industry, changes and innovations are taking place in an effort to adapt to the increasingly competitive medical market. However, the patient experience continues to be at the root of healthcare advancements because they are the main focus of medical providers everywhere. Even though improving the patient experience is the key to thriving in a field that is becoming more consumer based, passion and determination for providing the best care are still the drive behind the motive.



One great example of patient-focused innovation is the new design of the Children’s Hospital of Michigan-Troy, which entailed a plan aimed at reshaping the workflow and pediatric care of the facility. According to the article “New Children's Hospital Combines Efficiency and Creativity” by Jeff Ferenc on the Health Facilities Management Magazine website, the goal was accomplished as a staff and community group effort through a Lean technique known as integrated facility design.


Rather than focus on the new design, the process entailed discussing what aspects of the facility needed to be enhanced to improve the patient experience. After identifying what was valuable to their patients and what wasn’t, they were able to make the right changes. Some of the new modifications for the facility included simplifying the patient admittance process in the emergency department, initiating standard work procedures to eliminate variation and increase safety, and implementing the level loading process to minimize the experience of crowded waiting rooms.


Embarking on innovations that are centered on the patient experience such as the Children’s Hospital of Michigan-Troy can help to generate more positive impressions and increase the volume of patient outcomes. As the leading medical laundry provider of medical scrubs and other products in Seattle, WA, we recognize how important patient-focused innovation and advancement is for our customers. We too aim to revolve our processes and services around the patient experience because we share the same passion for providing care as the healthcare facilities we serve. Our most recent progression within our operations is the development of the Comfort Care line of robes and gowns.


We designed the Comfort Care line with a fabric that is extremely soft so that when patients wear them, they can be comfortable and warm. These robes and gowns - which we rent, deliver and clean - were created with the patient experience in mind. The Comfort Care line can potentially have a positive effect on patients who are receiving treatment, by making them feel cared for and cozy. We looked to redefine patient comfort when creating these advanced robes and gowns, as well as help our customers to enhance the experience of their facility.


Are your patients still being supplied with dull looking and uncomfortable robes and gowns? If so, it might be time for a change. To partner with our medical laundry services and products, contact us today by calling 1-800-932-7472.