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ImageFIRST Programs That Help Enhance Patient Satisfaction

Posted by ImageFIRST Healthcare Laundry Specialists on Jun 10, 2016 12:00:00 PM
Recently, we introduced our new Health System Solutions online catalog. Here, you’ll find all of our programs, which are designed exclusively for the medical industry and focus on meeting healthcare’s unique needs, including infection prevention, cost-effectiveness, and—most importantly in today’s consumer-focused industry landscape—patient satisfaction. Below, you’ll find in-depth descriptions of three of the programs we offer Health Systems at ImageFIRST.  Each is tailored to your specific needs as a healthcare provider, including distinctive branding, inventory management, and patient protection.

Facility Services Program

No matter how much care you put into infection prevention, a less-than-spotless facility can put off patients for good. Our facility services program provides you with a comprehensive solution for maintaining the cleanliness of your healthcare facility. Microfiber mops and towels gather up dirt and reduce airborne particles, while branded mats prevent dirt from being tracked inside and proudly present your brand name to patients at the same time. Your patients will associate your name with cleanliness and care.

Scrub and Lab Coat Program

Medical uniforms in Seattle, WA and beyond are an important part of patient care. Without the right scrubs, your staff may be uncomfortable, unprofessional in appearance, or inadvertently spreading infection. ImageFIRST takes every potential problem into account, and has specially designed our scrubs, lab coats, and healthcare uniforms in Seattle, WA to enhance your facility’s performance.

Our extensive collection of scrubs and lab coats comes in a rainbow of colors and styles for men and women. We offer warm-up jackets, surgical gowns, and isolation gowns for different procedures, and all can be embroidered with your company name and logo for a distinctive appearance. ImageFIRST does its utmost to keep your garments free from pathogens each time they are washed at our facility. We provide drop lockers and hampers for safe transit, and launder each garment with a sanitizing process that kills up to 99.999% of pathogens. Scrubs are coated with antibacterial softener and wrapped in plastic for added protection.

Imaging & Breast Center Program

Now that patients increasingly approach healthcare from a consumerist mindset, creating remarkable experiences is paramount to your success. Our Imaging & Breast center program creates the ultimate patient experience by providing patients with cozy, plush gowns, sheets, blankets, and towels. Plus, your Customer Advocate is always available in case you need extra gowns and linen for unexpectedly busy days. This program is sure to please your patients and let them know that they’re in excellent hands.

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